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We are three brothers with different interests and characters. But together we are an unbeatable team!

And so it is not surprising that at some point we wanted to merge our paths professionally and start a joint project.

As is so often the case, our idea came about by chance. And this coincidence was that a commercial property, which is family-owned, became vacant. Generations of our family before us took their first steps as entrepreneurs in this building.

It all started with our great-grandfather, Lorenz Kuchlmayr, who founded a haulage company in Sonnenwiechs (today a district of Bruckmühl), which our grandmother, Maria Puff, took over after a few years.


A truck garage was built for this haulage company in 1951 (our current caravan hall), to which our grandfather, Karl Puff, his landlord's son, connected a lemonade factory in 1956 (hopefully our camping shop soon).

Due to his work as a local politician, our grandfather had to give up his lemonade factory and the hall was temporarily used as a drinks depot for a large Munich brewery.

In the 1990s it was our mother, Maria Marx, who opened a specialist shop for drinks and spirits on the premises, ran it successfully for more than 10 years and then leased it.

It has been for the last 30 years  The building was used throughout as a beverage store and it was only in 2020 that the ever-increasing competition from discounters had to admit defeat.

And now the time has come for the 4th generation, hopefully with the same success as the 3 generations before.




But why campers and motorhomes?

Each of us has our own reason for this too:

One of us is driven by his family. Because with 4 people there is no such thing as THE HOLIDAY DESTINATION.

The others are driven by sport and variety. But it is not possible to bring bicycles or e-bikes, surf and stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, etc. to the hotel, renting them locally is usually very expensive and honestly it is more fun with your own equipment. In addition, you may not only want to take one piece of sports equipment with you and then it will be difficult with your own vehicle.

And the third is a passionate motorcyclist and looks forward to varied routes throughout Europe during his vacation. But if you are already completely exhausted after your arrival, the most beautiful curves are no longer fun.

In all three cases there is only one solution. CAMPING with your own four walls on four wheels, INDIVIDUAL AND FLEXIBLE and with PLENTY OF SPACE for your luggage.

And it is precisely this opportunity that we would now like to give other young and young-at-heart ADVENTURES N.















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