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Current specials:


Our basic rental prices for each vehicle are calculated per night and are divided into four seasons throughout the year. The division is specified by RENT AND TRAVEL.

A distinction is also made between vehicle categories.


"low season"

01.04. - 08.04.

04/25 - 30.04.

01.10. - 28.10.


"Mid Season"

01.05. - 03.06.

20.06. - 29.07.



"Peak season"

09.04. - 24.04.

04.06. - 19.06.

07/30 - 12.09.

29.10. - 06.11.




13.09. - 30.09.

07.11. - 30.11.*


* Some vehicles are restricted to travel within Germany from November 1st, 2021

Minimum rental period:

We only have a minimum rental period in the main season. In the other three seasons it is also possible to rent the vehicles on a daily basis. However, we ask for your understanding that we have to charge the full service fee in this case as well.

In the high season the minimum rental period is 6 nights.

In order to be able to use the vehicles optimally during the summer holidays, a change of tenants from Friday to Saturday would be ideal (1 day for cleaning and repairing minor signs of loss on your adventures). Your flexibility is also worth a small consideration to us. See summer special.

Happy Weekend


Available in low and mid season (A+B)

Relax for a few days over the weekend, spontaneously go surfing or take the kids to the amusement park, flexible and without booking a hotel.


But most motorhomes can only be booked for a minimum of 6 nights.

Not with us, you can also start a weekend adventure with our vehicles!

In addition, if you pick up the vehicle on Friday after work, have to put it in and only then can you drive away, there really isn't much free time left. Returning it on Sunday is also not possible, so you would have to rent it on Monday as well.

Take advantage of our Happy Weekend Special!

When booking, simply enter the code [HAPPYWEEKEND] and we will send you a corresponding offer.

You pick up the vehicle on Thursday after work, you have enough time to put it in and get it ready for travel. On Friday you can drive off straight after work and don't lose time unnecessarily. You enjoy the entire weekend and bring the vehicle back stress-free on Monday after work. And best of all, you only pay for 3 nights instead of 4.

Or do you even have a long weekend available?

Then use our Happy Weekend Special XXL!

When booking, simply enter the code [HAPPYWEEKENDXXL] and we will send you a corresponding offer.

You pick up the vehicle after work on Wednesday and bring it back on Monday after work.


You pick up the vehicle Thursday after work and bring it back on Tuesday after work.

In both cases you only pay for 4 nights instead of 5.


As a small thank you for your flexibility

Summertime is travel time and of course we want our vehicles to be with you on adventure trips as continuously as possible.

We can do this best if we manage a regulated change of tenants (similar to changing beds in a hotel). So it would be ideal for us if your adventures always started on a Saturday and ended on a Friday. Of course you can deviate from this rule and organize your time yourself.

As a small thank you for your flexibility  However, we want to accommodate you a bit and give you a discount on the total basic rental price of 3% for 1 week adventure, 5% for 2 week adventure and 7% for more than 3 week adventure with one of our vehicles.*

*This regulation only applies to collection on a Saturday during the main season and return on a Friday during the main season or on the last day of the respective main season. A combination with other discounts is not possible. It is always settled according to the "cheaper principle" for the adventurer.



First come, first served!

Book your adventure for the 2022 season now and secure your dream vehicle.

For all bookings that we receive between December 1st, 2021 and February 28th, 2022 for the coming adventure season, we grant an early bird discount.

If you book in the low, mid and late season, we will waive you 10% of the rental price per night, if your adventure is in the high season, you can secure a discount of 5% of the rental price per night.

In addition, we give all early bookers a free set of camping furniture to take with them on their trip.

Adventurers who are on the road for more than 20 nights also receive the "long-distance traveler discount" of 5% on top. So you can save up to 15% of the rental price per night.

So book now, look forward and save.

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