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Vehicles from KNAUS  and WEINSBERG


In order to make the adventure perfect, you need the right equipment and in our case that starts with choosing a suitable vehicle.

It was important to us to provide you with flexible vehicles that can convince with their functionality but also with their high quality. Plenty of space to relax, easy luggage storage, easy handling and perhaps a little bit of luxury were just a few of the criteria we considered when looking for a suitable vehicle provider.

We ended up at KNAUS TABBERT with the premium brands KNAUS and WEINSBERG.

For more than 60 years, the Lower Bavarian company has been building recreational vehicles of the highest quality, with modern equipment and many different layouts, offering many opportunities for your adventure.

KNAUS convinced us. Does KNAUS convince you too?

Semi-integrated motorhomes

Knaus Sky Wave
Knaus Van TI
Knaus Life TI

The semi-integrated mobile home is probably the most well-known type of camping vehicle. It is characterized by the combination of the original driver's cab of the base vehicle (in our case Fiat Ducato) and a slightly wider structure in the rear area of the vehicle.

Rotating chairs in the driver's cab mean that this is usually completely integrated into the living area.

With an attached alcove above the cab, additional sleeping places are often created without daily conversion work.

The biggest advantages are certainly the spacious interior and the large amount of storage space thanks to the attached, widened body and the integrated rear garage. The structure can also be adapted to individual requirements with different floor plans.

The downside of the medal is the slightly more difficult handling when driving due to the increased wind resistance, which is somewhat reduced by the wave-shaped design of modern mobile homes. A further limitation arises in the city suitability. Due to the external dimensions of up to 2.30 m wide and 7 m long, finding a parking space is often difficult.

Semi-integrated motorhomes are particularly suitable for family holidays and the adventurer who does not want to forego a certain level of luxury and space.

Currently available "semi-integrated":

Knaus Boxstar 600 mit Aufstelldach

panel van (CUV)
Compact, manoeuvrable, comfortable

A CUV (Caravanning Utility Vehicle) is created by installing fully-fledged caravanning equipment with a kitchen, sleeping area and wet room in a standard panel van (in our case Fiat Ducato)

Rotatable chairs in the driver's cab mean that this is fully integrated into the living area.

Different roof structures, such as high roofs or pop-up roofs expand the living space.

The greatest advantages of the CUV are certainly the car-like handling and the increased city suitability due to the narrower vehicle width of around 1.90 m.

In addition, the CUV has lower wind resistance and fuel consumption than fully and partially integrated motorhomes.

The biggest disadvantage also results from the smaller width, because this also results in restrictions in the interior. Most of the time, however, this is only reflected in the "corridor".

With different lengths and the use of flexible bed solutions, the CUV can become a real miracle of space for adventurers.

The CUV is suitable for all adventurers who want to stay flexible, have to take a lot of equipment (e.g. sports equipment) with them and see the vehicle more as a motorhome than a mobile home.

Currently available CUV:

Weinsberg Cara Tour 540 mit Aufstelldach


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