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opening hours

Your limited vacation time is precious and dedicated to relaxation and recreation, so it wouldn't make sense if your adventure already starts out stressful or even worse ends up stressful.

We have therefore deliberately decided not to introduce the usual fixed opening hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in our rental business, but to agree individual times with you for picking up and returning the vehicles.

Your adventure can also begin or end after the end of the day or on Saturday.

we  we then take enough time together to get a good handover and a detailed briefing.

In the off-seasons before and after the summer holidays, we also offer you our Happy Weekend Special and our Happy Weekend Special XL, which allow you to enjoy a stress-free (extended) weekend. You can find more information about this under tariff offers here on our website.


handing over

A good handover is important to us, because this is the only way you can feel safe handling the unfamiliar vehicles and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

We therefore take enough time to discuss the technical features of the individual vehicles with you, to explain all the necessary functions and to answer your questions.

We will also check the car with you before it goes into your care, for any existing damage, so that the first stressful situation is not inevitable after your holiday.

Please also be aware that something can always fall by the wayside and break during an adventure. Nobody tears your head off for that. For the bigger little things you are well insured with us and additionally equipped with a protection letter. And even for the smaller little things, we will certainly find a solution in our workshop. You can get more information about this in the service area under insurance and you are also welcome to talk to us personally.

Should you incur damage during the rental, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible and possibly send a few photos so that we can obtain the necessary spare parts, plan repair dates and thus ensure the smooth start of the next adventurer.

vehicle pickup

What you should think about when picking up:

  • The briefing takes about 1 - 1.5 hours, please plan this time on the pick-up day

  • Make a pick-up appointment (at least two days before pick-up)

  • valid ID of all drivers

  • valid driving license of all drivers

  • Deposit in cash or in advance by bank transfer


Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for us to pay the deposit with a credit card, master card, EC card, etc.

vehicle return

What to think about when returning:

  • Arrange a return appointment by phone, if there are delays please let us know (we generally plan vehicle rentals with a one-day buffer)

  • fill up the vehicle

  • clean toilet

  • Empty and clean the black water tank

  • Empty the fresh and service water tank

  • Clean the inside of the vehicle the way you did it

  • We will clean the vehicle exterior for you .

If for any reason it is not possible for you to hand over the vehicle in the condition described above, that is no problem either. We take care of that for you, but we have to charge for the following:

  • interior cleaning           
    (without waste disposal and without toilet cleaning and toilet cassette emptying)
             EUR 150.00

  • In the case of larger contaminations, the calculation is based on the actual effort
    (e.g. stains on upholstery, dirt on side walls, curtains, etc.)
                EUR 49.00/h

  • Wet room / toilet not or insufficiently cleaned / emptied                            EUR 160.00

  • Refueling of the vehicle daily updated price for fuel incl. VAT plus administration fee of 25 EUR          

  • The cleaning fee cannot be offset against the deposit



If you're not paying attention for a moment, you've already made a small dent in someone else's vehicle, the children spilled something on the upholstery or the dog scratched the furniture. Or even worse, you become a victim of an accident abroad through no fault of your own. And now? Panic?

No Please not. Keep enjoying your adventure. Minor and major damage can always happen, but there is always a solution for this.

Our vehicles are all registered and insured as self-drive rental vehicles. Partial and fully comprehensive insurance covers a large part of all damage to the vehicle. Unfortunately, damage to the interior is not included.


The standard deductible per claim is €1,500, although this can be significantly reduced or even averted by taking out additional travel insurance.

In addition, all of our vehicles are equipped with a vehicle-related protection letter from ERGO insurance for travel within Europe.

Among other things, this covers accident and breakdown assistance, replacement vehicles, accommodation costs, repatriation costs and much more, so that you can either continue your adventure after a short break or at least return home without much stress and bureaucracy. You will receive more detailed information in our consultation and in advance as a reading matter.

There is an option to take out travel insurance to reduce your excess. However, this is at your discretion and is not carried out or promoted by us.

We can show you one or two options here, but we do not receive any commission for this or are otherwise contractually bound.

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